Fundamental analytics

NEW WEEK'S REVIEW 10.06.-16.06.2019

ECB meeting, large block of economic statistics and geopolitical news will determine the vector of financial markets movement during the week of June 3-9


  1. A large block of important statistical information from China

  2. IEA and OPEC monthly reports

  3. Data on inflation in the United States

  4. Mario Draghi's speech

Last week the market was influenced by a lot of important economic and geopolitical news. The Federal Reserve statements on the possible easing of the monetary policy came as a certain surprise for the participants of the trades. In this vein, the importance of new economic data from the U.S. is growing significantly, which may change the investors’ attitude to the earlier statements of the Fed.

The markets are seriously concerned about the economic situation in China against the backdrop of growing trading confrontation between official Beijing and Washington. Therefore, a new block of important economic statistics will help to assess the current state of the Chinese economy and predict the prospects for its further development.


Monday, June 10

It's a day off in Germany.

Japan publishes revised GDP data for the 1st quarter.

China will release data on exports, imports and trade balance.

The UK will present a large block of economic statistics, including industrial and manufacturing output and GDP trends.


Tuesday, 11 June

The UK will present data on the labour market.

The United States will publish data on the producer price index.


Wednesday, 12 June

China will publish inflation data.

Mario Draghi, the head of the ECB, is scheduled to speak in Europe.

The data on the consumer price index and the report of the U.S. Department of Energy will be published in the U.S.


Thursday, June 13

A meeting of the Eurogroup is scheduled for Thursday. Also, data on the industrial production of the EU will be published on this day.

OPEC will publish a monthly report on the state of the world oil market.


Friday, June 14

China will release data on industrial production, core investment and unemployment.

IEA to publish monthly oil market report

In the U.S., a large block of statistics will be released, including data on retail sales, industrial production and preliminary indices from the University of Michigan.