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In the upcoming week the market attention will be focused on the meetings of three central banks from G7.

  1. Meeting of the Bank of Japan

  2. Meeting of the Bank of Canada

  3. ECB meeting

The U.S. and China have signed an interim trade agreement, so a shift of the market focus from geopolitical news to economic news can be expected in the near future. All the more so since we are expecting a rather saturated economic calendar in the coming week.

In addition to published important macroeconomic data, in the coming days there will be meetings of Bank of Canada, ECB and Bank of Japan, which will also present a report on the economic outlook.


Monday, January 20

A day off in the United States - Martin Luther King's Day celebrations

The People's Bank of China will announce an interest rate decision

Tuesday, January 21

Bank of Japan economic outlook report and interest rate decision

The United Kingdom will publish a report on the labour market

Wednesday, January 22

UK to publish retail report for December

Canada to present data on consumer price index for December

The Bank of Canada will announce the interest rate decision and report on monetary policy

In the United States, secondary housing market sales data will be published

Thursday, January 23

Australia to publish labour market report for December

The ECB will hold a session on monetary policy, which will be followed by the speech of the ECB president, Christine Lagarde.

Friday, January 24

A day off in China

New Zealand to publish consumer price index data for 4th quarter 2019

EU, UK and USA will publish preliminary data on PMI of manufacturing and services sector

Canada will publish retail sales data for November


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