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The ECB meeting will be the central event of the coming week.

1.       Japan's GDP in the 4th quarter

2.       US inflation data

3.       ECB meeting

The impact of the coronavirus on the world economy is growing stronger and stronger. Investors are studying the latest macroeconomic statistics in more detail, assessing the degree of the virus's impact on the economic situation in key regions of the world. The world's central banks have entered the game. To reduce the negative impact of the virus on the economy, the Fed and the Bank of Canada reduced interest rates. Experts do not rule out interest rate cuts from other Central Banks. The influence of macroeconomic indicators on the market will increase.

The central event of the coming week will be the ECB meeting. Investors are waiting for comments and possible responses of the regulator to the coronavirus epidemic. Investors will also carefully study a large block of economic statistics from the UK, inflation data in the US and the weekly OPEC report.


Monday, March 9

Japan's GDP data for the 4th quarter of 2019

Tuesday, March 10

EU GDP data for 4th quarter 2019

Wednesday, March 11

The United Kingdom will publish data on GDP, industrial production, manufacturing production

The U.S. will release its February inflation report

US Department of Energy to present weekly report on oil reserves

Thursday, March 12

The US will publish a producer price index

There will be a meeting of the ECB in the EU and a press conference Christine Lagarde.

Friday, March 13

Preliminary indices from the University of Michigan


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