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Daily News - Australian dollar rises on statements by RBA spokesman Harper

1. RBA does not intend to introduce negative rates
2. France may introduce national isolation
3. Trump's election website was hacked

The Australian dollar strengthened 0.4% after the publication of consumer price index data and comments by Reserve Bank of Australia representative Harper and the country's prime minister. In the 3rd quarter, the consumer price index in Australia rose sharply from -1.9% to 1.6% (forecast 1.5%). Harper said the RBA has ample room for further monetary easing. At the same time, he called the establishment of negative rates unlikely. In his opinion, this would lead to excessive accumulation of funds by consumers, which will only harm the economy.
In Europe, the epidemiological situation continues to deteriorate. In Italy, over the past day, a new maximum for the number of newly identified infected people has been updated - 21,994 people. For the first time since May, the number of deaths per day exceeded the mark of 200 people. The number of people infected in other EU countries continues to grow actively. The media reported that the French authorities are considering the introduction of national isolation to contain the virus. These messages weakened the position of the European currency. Thr EUR/USD currency pair is trading down 0.1%.
Representatives of the campaign headquarters of Donald trump said that her official website was damaged and now they are working with law enforcement agencies to identify the source of the attack. An email statement said that "confidential data was not disclosed because it is not stored on the site." The FBI declined to comment.

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