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Daily News - US and China begin a new round of negotiations

1. Beijing will host a new round of trade negotiations on Monday

2. Hong Kong remains tense


According to the Global Times news agency, on Monday in Beijing, the United States and China will hold a new round of negotiations to resolve trade differences and agree on an interim trade agreement. Earlier, China’s Xinhua news agency reported on Saturday that Vice Premier Liu He had telephone calls with US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Finance Minister Stephen Mnuchin. Also, Reuters, citing informed sources, reports that the White House administration wants to renew the license for US companies working with Huawei for another two weeks. Financial markets are quite restrained to respond to this positive news. The focus is on the situation in Hong Kong.

According to Reuters, a fierce confrontation between police and demonstrators continues. Only last night, the police managed to leave the building of the Polytechnic University, where they were blocked. Protesters set fire to a bridge that blocked the exit from the building to the metro station. The police managed to get out only after threats to start shooting with real bullets. Reuters reports comments from senior Washington officials who state that the White House is very closely monitoring the conflict and the unjustified use of force. A representative for China's defense minister said Hong Kong’s clean-up is a top priority. He also called on the United States not to escalate the situation in the South China Sea and not to aggravate the situation in the Taiwan Strait.


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