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Daily News - Japan's exports shrink 21 months in a row

1. The yen grows after taking office as the new prime minister of Japan
2. WTO supports China's complaint against the United States
3. China vaccinates population against COVID-19

Japan's exports continue to decline for 21 consecutive months. In August, the indicator sank by 14.8%, after a decrease of 19.2%. The decline in exports is taking place against the backdrop of a global decline in demand. Despite the publication of weak economic data, the Japanese yen today strengthened against the dollar 0.1% amid the assumption of office of the country's new prime minister, Yoshihide Suga.
The WTO supported China's complaint filed in 2018 that the United States violated international trade rules by imposing duties on Chinese goods. Most likely, this decision will increase tensions between the United States and the WTO, but is unlikely to affect Washington's trade policy.
China vaccinates tens of thousands of its citizens with experimental vaccines against coronavirus, attracting international interest in its developments in the fight against COVID-19, despite the concerns of many experts about the safety of the vaccine, since it did not pass standard testing procedures. According to state media reports, among whose people were previously vaccinated for side effects were not detected.

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