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Daily News - The COVID-19 vaccine will not be certified until spring 2021

1. US House of Representatives postpones vote on bill on additional economic stimulus measures
2. Moderna plans to receive a certificate for vaccines against COVID-19 in March-April 2021
3. Clement Bohn: Brexit agreement may be reached by the end of November

The US House of Representatives postponed a vote on a package of new stimulus measures for the economy for $2.2 trillion. Steven Mnuchin and Nancy Pelosi continue to negotiate to find compromise solutions on controversial issues. Commenting on the progress of the negotiations, Steven Mnuchin noted that they reached an agreement on the issue of direct payments, but the issue of the total size of the stimulus package remains unresolved. He called unacceptable the amount of $2.2 trillion and said that the White House would insist on reducing this amount to $1.5 trillion.
The head of the American biotechnology company Moderna said that the vaccine against COVID-19 will pass all the necessary tests no earlier than 2021. At the same time, he did not rule out the possibility of using the vaccine by medical workers at the end of November, early December of this year. According to his estimates, if all tests are successfully completed, permission for the mass use of the vaccine can be obtained in March-April next year.
According to Le Figaro, a Brexit agreement can be reached by the end of November. This statement was made by French Minister for European Affairs Clement Bon. He believes that the parties will be able to reach a compromise on all disputed issues by the end of next month. In his opinion, London needs an agreement more than Brussels, so the parties will be forced to compromise in order to avoid a tough Brexit scenario.

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