31, March 2015

Fundamental analysis

EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

The Federal Reserve board chairman Janet Yellen declared last week that the interest rate increase "can be guaranteed” in case of the economic recovery this year.

The pair EUR/USD has enjoyed a moderate demand amid the US weak macroeconomic statistics, then the interest for the dollar buying increased. Investors expected the GDP revision for the 4th quarter in a positive way by 0.2%, but the indicator remained at the same level. By the end of the day the pair has fallen.

The bearish sentiment also prevailed with the pair GBP/USD during the day. Traders built up short positions amid the US and the UK bond yields decline.

There was a flat within the pair USD/JPY. The Japan negative inflation report has allowed the pair dollar/yen to strengthen to the level of 119.50, but the US weak macroeconomic statistics returned the quotes back. Nevertheless, as a result, the trading day within the pair USD/JPY finished with a sharp growth.