30, December 2015

Fundamental analysis

EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

We highlight the Conference Board consumer confidence report. The December Michigan University indicator showed growth against the strong labor market background, allowing to count on the Conference Board positive data output. The data came out at the level of 96,5p. that is better then forecasted 93,0p.

The stock exchange showed some pessimism: the banking sector became the decline leaders. This factor supported the demand for the euro as a funding currency. The trade is still sluggish due to the low-liquid market. However the pair EUR/USD slightly fell.

London bank reopened its doors for customers. Given the low liquidity and lack of important macroeconomic statistics, investors pay attention to the commodity market dynamics, especially in the "black gold". The Brent determines the Cable course of trading. The pair GBP/USD closed the trades with a decrease.

The Japanese macroeconomic statistics once again upset the traders. The statistics showed a personal consumption decrease in November which is a negative factor for the economic growth. The industrial production decreased by 0.3%. However, the Old World and North America leading stock markets pessimism prevails that is a positive environment for safe assets which traditionally includes the Japanese yen. The pair USD/JPY is trading in a flat.