27, February 2015

Fundamental analysis

EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

In the light of the Fed recent announcements all investors’ attention will be focused on the US economic data, namely the consumer inflation figures, durable goods orders, jobless claims, real wages and the US GDP.

It is expected that jobless claims will grow up, but not much, to 290 000 against 283 000. The main thing is that they remain below 300,000 which will point out to the continued strong upward trend in the labor market.

The January real wages data will play an important role. In December it increased by 0.2% and in January it is expected to rise by 0.3%. And, despite the fact that this figure is quite volatile, the overall salary dynamics increase indicates, although, the slow, but the US income recovery levels.

The US economic figures came out better then the forecast or even a little better and it returned expectation for the further interest rate increase in June to the markets and will have a positive impact on the US dollar. We would like to remind that on Tuesday and Wednesday J. Yellen persistently claimed that the interest rate increase deadlines will depend on the labor market and inflation statistics.