26, February 2015

Fundamental analysis

EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

The main dollar disappointment was the US Federal Reserve governor speech. Janet Yellen in her comments made it clear that the regulator still kept thinking about interest rates increase, but she did not mention more or less explicit terms. In addition, Janet Yellen made it clear that even the January new jobs increase had not yet convinced the Fed that the labor market was stable and noted quite high inflation. Therefore, the market took her words as evidence that it is necessary to wait for a long period the low interest rates.

The Eurozone will not publish interesting statistics. Mario Draghi will make his speech, but it is unlikely that the ECB governor will say something new and different from what we had repeatedly heard. Therefore, the euro is likely to show us something special.

The UK will not publish interesting macroeconomic data. Still the BOE Governor comments will influence the pair.

The pair dollar / yen will monitor the situation within the US housing market. The second Yellen’s speech is not much different from what she had said the day before. Therefore, the market will ignore this factor with a fairly high probability because everything stated by the Fed has actually built into the price. Anyway the primary housing market sales data can affect the market.