24, September 2015

Fundamental analysis

EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

The market sentiment has been returned to the usual state about the Fed rate hike expectations. The Central Bank representatives Lockhart and Bullard bluntly mentioned about the possible rate change in October. D. Yellen in her last statement also said that there were no problems with the tightening program launch in October. The US currency continued its winning streak - the dollar index basket (USDX) has increased by 0.43%.

The pair EUR/USD had decreased amid the Germany and the US government bond yields growth. The German automaker stock prices collapse had strong influence on the euro decline having lost 19.1% for the day because of the ongoing scandal over the environmental standards violations for engines and the fine imposed on the company to 18.75 billion dollars. By the end of the day the pair slightly corrected upwards.

By the end of the day the pair GBP/USD had decreased amid the UK industrial orders negative statistics. Investors reacted painfully to the UK public sector borrowings increase to 11.3 billion pounds (vs. 8.7 billion) in August and the industrial orders decrease to -7 from the forecasted 0 in September.

The pair USD/JPY is consolidating after a slight growth. Earlier the pair had decreased amid the investors’ escape from the "risky assets". It is connected with the Asian stock market decrease and the China negative statistics.