23, October 2014

Fundamental analysis

 EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

We still observe a flat within the major pairs in the Forex market. The lower inflationary pressure in the world's largest economies caught by surprise traders and now the asset managers cannot identify the most "weak link." On October 8 Federal Reserve pointed to the dollar revaluation the US consumer price index negative impact and the investors rushed to close “longs” within the US dollar. However, as we see, traders cannot still find the dollar alternative and on this background we have recently seen a side tendency. The trading day did not bring important macroeconomic statistics. The United States pleased investors with positive release sales in the secondary market.

The sales rose by 2.4% in September that indicates the confident consumer demand. It is also necessary to emphasize the American stock market rapid growth - Apple reported the record profits for the 3rd quarter of this year that with the US positive macroeconomic statistics cheered bulls up to open “longs”. Against this positive background, the US dollar was able to strengthen against its major competitors.