22, October 2013

EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

The doubts about the market stability may cast a shadow on U.S. stock markets. We have seen that the indices deviate from other risky assets for some time - including in relation to the dollar.

And if lawmakers gave a reason to hope it is more likely to last for a short period of time ... As long as the stimulus from the Federal Reserve is preserved. We will be able to check the stability of the "moral risk" this week.

The data on the U.S. labor market will be released today. It is likely that it will curb speculative activity in the run-up data. This data will act as a perfect solution for the ignition of mixed risks. We can see the natural market response to any surprise.

Dollar fell to 1.2 percent last week - this is the sixth decline in seven weeks. Many traders believe that a large bearish trend will be continued. However, there can be some news that can impact the market this week.

Investors, politicians and the media from around the world have focused on balancing on the brink of war in the United States on the nation's debt ceiling.

After several weeks of partial government shutdown, 1st -largest economy in the world was on the verge of priority of payment and possible fall in technical default. The consequences of this disastrous scenario threatened the entire financial system. However, the agreement (the third in three years on this front ) prevented the crisis.