21, October 2013

EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

As the U.S. government temporary solved the debt problem and returned to work we can expect an employment report soon.

The downward trend during September and even because of technical problems in California,shows that employment has strengthened this month.

It is expected that Initial Jobless Claims added 185,000 in September after rising by 169,000 in August. Due to the partial deactivation of the Government payroll employment will be less in October, however, it is expected that any slowing eventually be temporary. It is likely that in the main labor market conditions continue to improve, albeit at a moderate pace, despite the "vacation" of the government.

The deal between Congress and the President opened the work of the government and increased government debt ceiling. It is, however, only a temporary relief as the bill would fund the government until January 15, and raised the debt ceiling until February 7.

Therefore, we can expect another round of talks early next year.