21, September 2015

Fundamental analysis

EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

Last week all traders’ attention was focused on the FOMC meeting results. Investors wondered whether the Fed would tighten the monetary policy amid the positive macroeconomic releases or postpone the decision, because of the China financial instability. The Fed did not change the monetary policy which triggered the US dollar sales wave. However, by the end of the day the dollar strengthened.

The US dollar has sharply fallen against the euro after the US Federal Reserve left the short-term rates unchanged at the same level of 0-0.25% after many weeks of debate. Nevertheless, the Friday’s trades closed with the pair’s euro/dollar sharp decrease.

The pound was traded mixed against the dollar in anticipation of the Fed meeting. The UK sales were in the center of attention. The National Statistics Office report showed the retail sales growth in August, accelerating at the same time rates as compared to the previous month. The pair GBP/USD finished the trades with the decrease after the previous growth.

The pair USD/JPY had decreased. On Friday after the Bank of Japan meeting minutes’ the yen has grown. However, the dollar slightly increased by the end of the day.