20, October 2014

Fundamental analysis

EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

We observed different directed trends within the major currency pairs last week. Bulls cannot still develop the full correction movement on the EUR/USD - as soon as the quotations are above 28th figures, sellers come to the market and the US dollar recovers its lost ground. The US initial jobless claims release over the past week came out much better than traders had expected that also held bulls back. Against this background, the trading day on Friday ended with the quotations decrease by 0.2%.

The pair GBP/USD was under pressure at the European trading session amid the negative investors’ sentiment towards the UK lower inflationary pressure. At the moment the prices reached the level of 1.5940, and then we observed the pound position recovery. The US and UK bond yields significantly decreased in the second half of the day on Friday that led to the short positions pound closing. Against this backdrop, the trading day ended in the "green field" within the pair pound/dollar on Friday.

Traders chose the upward direction for the USD/JPY on Friday. The high volatility is still observed on the credit markets and the stock market volatility puts traders to a standstill. Against this backdrop, the dollar/yen was growing towards the 107th figure during the day.