19, September 2014

Fundamental analysis

EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

The euro/dollar recovered a few its losses in yesterday's trading.The EUR/USD came under a wave of sales after the Federal Reserve meeting release. In general, the market participants have not received any surprises - still two FOMC members Plosser and Fisher vote for an earlier monetary policy tightening. All other participants insist on the maintaining low interest rates for an "extended period of time." The inflation forecast still remains moderately negative while the unemployment rate forecast turned into positive direction.

The pound/dollar closed the last week gap. The GBP/USD is in demand against the positive employment release. The unemployment fell to the level of 6.2% in the UK, in addition we saw an average wage increase in July, that points to the positive CPI.

The pair USD/JPY continued its upward movement. The Bank of Japan gives to speculators a "green light" and we observed the yen devaluation against the negative macroeconomic statistics. The US and the Japan stock market growth increases the dollar/yen demand.