18, February 2015

Fundamental analysis

 EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

The Euro group meeting results report was published where the Greece debt problems were discussed. As it became known Greeks refused to renew the assistance program on the same terms as the euro zone finance ministers rejected the Greek Government proposals contained earlier demands for changes in the current agreement. Against this background, the dollar rose sharply against the euro, the pound, and the yen.

It is worth noting that the dollar growth was restrained, apparently, because of the European authorities statements indicated that the issue could be still resolved on Friday as told the Euro group governor Dijsselbloem if "the Greek authorities are willing to undertake their obligations".

According to the statistics the US news line will be almost empty. Investors' attention can attract the NAHB report which is expected with the housing market index growth in February to 58 from the previous 57 that indicates the moods improvement among the housing market builders. As for the prospects, it is likely that the dollar will be traded under the European news influence where the economic calendar is much richer in content.