15, January 2014

EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

The Fed representative Lockhart said on Monday that the Fed would continue to reduce the bonds purchase if the economic recovered. And the employment report in December did not reduce the QE3 reduction support. Lockhart believes that US economic growth is expectу to be good this year and it is able to make a positive surprise: the GDP will grow by 2.5%–3%. The threshold level for 6.5% unemployment is near, and the Fed may have to improve the guidelines for the rates increase.

The pound fell after several days of a previous week growth, while the Euro did not almost change during the day. Partly the buying by the British oil engineering company Amec trading in the USA the company Foster Wheeler AG for $3.2 billion influenced on the reduction of the pound versus the dollar.

Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) published on Monday forecasts for the world economy, having particularly noted the recovery of Europe and its positive impact on the global growth. The economic growth will accelerate in the United States, Britain, Japan and the Euro area. Although Germany will continue to be the main engine of economic recovery in the Euro zone, there are also signs of renewal in the coming months for the GDP growth in France and Italy.

The yen continued the correction growth for a second day against the background of the futures on the Nikkei reduction almost on 2%; Japanese markets were closed to celebrate the occasion. The stock markets in the American session also showed negative dynamics. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell on Monday by 1.1%, which became the most considerable decrease since 20th September 2013. The USD/JPY fell below the level 103 for the first time since 18th December last year.