13, November 2014

Fundamental analysis

 EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

We again observed the volatile range trading on the currency market yesterday. The major pairs remained in the side corridors that had been formed earlier, only this time the US dollar rose at the end of the trading day. The exceptions were the events against the dollar and the yen; in this case the dollar has reached the new local maximum and has closed trades with a profit. It is difficult to say what caused the dollar decrease earlier that mainly occurred in the US session. Perhaps, the absence of the news "irritants” and the speech by the Boston Fed president Rosengren influenced the market sentiment, who told during the interview with media that the US central bank should refrain from raising interest rates until the inflation target level returned to the Federal Reserve target level defined at the level below 2%.

It seems that there will not be large-scale changes in the currency market - the dollar will likely trade in the same way against the euro and the yen, but it is possible the volatility increase in the pair pound/dollar because there will be much important and influential information in the UK.