12, September 2014

Fundamental analysis

EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

In the news absence the euro/dollar was traded under the technical factors. Faced with resistance, the European currency fell slightly against the dollar. The Eurozone economic indicators were published by few posts, the France industrial production dynamics could not provide the euro support, as it showed the July dramatic slowdown.

The British pound managed to recover after the new low against the dollar touching. The reason for a such events turn can be called the technical factors presented by a strong support that the pair cannot overcome almost three sessions, as well as the Scotland people views variability presented information, where, according to a new pull, where the most people are already on the Scotland separation opponents side. The UK economy statistics was not published and the political day component - the Parliament inflation hearing, didn’t cause the market reaction.

The Japanese currency was the most vulnerable in the foreign exchange market. Obviously, the dollar sentiment, formed under the Fed and BoJ multi-directional monetary policy influence continues to support the dollar/yen. The additional buying interest was given by the observed USA government bond yields increase - the 10-year-old "Treasuries" have reached the highest level since the end of July.