12, April 2013

EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

On Friday, April 12, the euro is back on the horse and reaches new local maximums. The players seem to have no plans to stop there. Friday will unlikely bring some weakening of bullish pressure, but in general, the upward impulse should be saved.

The markets continue to act out the positive statements of the ECB head, the good macro-economic statistics that came from Germany pushes euro as well. UK industry began to show a growth. All this allows us to hope that the UK, Germany aтd France started to recover.

Cyprus is no longer generates warnings about leaving EU. In addition, the efficiency of solving the problems by the Euro group deserves special mention and had a positive impact on the confidence of players in the Eurozone.

As for the dollar, it is in some limbo because of unclear prospects of the Fed's monetary policy. On Thursday, April 11, FOMC data was published, it showed that there is no unity of opinion among its members who cannot set their mind whether to continue or not the economy stimulation.

Some Fed members believe that incentive programs can and will need to start closing as early as this year, but it can cause additional problems.