11, July 2014

EUR/USD Fundamental analysis

EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

This week main event was the Fed last meeting minutes publication. Before the Fed minutes publication the major pairs were in a lateral trend – the investors took a waiting position. The market participants wondered what the inflation debate will bring which had shown a slightly growth above the target level in the last report. However, the FOMC members could not find a single direction on the priority issue - one part of the monetary regulator leadership expressed concern with a stable low inflation, the other on the contrary, expect a more rapid consumer price index growth.

Against this background, we observed the U.S. currency sales against its major competitors, the gold quotations growth and the "bullish" sentiment in the stock markets.

The data showed an unexpected decrease in the UK industrial manufacturing and the industrial production and hinted that the economic recovery may not be as strong as expected. The reports made investors get rid of sterling to lock in profits after the currency rose to six-year high level against the U.S. dollar at the end of last week.

The quotes received impetus from the Japan data published during the Asian session.

The positive Japan payments balance in May amounted to 552.8 billion yen after the April value of 187.4 billion yen, despite the fact that the growth was forecasted only to 170 billion Japanese yen. Some support was rendered by the Eco Watchers data: the optimism index regarding the current economic situation in Japan was in June $ 47.7 against $ 45.5 in May, which can generally be seen as a positive signal.