10, February 2015

Fundamental analysis

 EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

All traders’ attention was focused on the UK macroeconomic statistics. The January labor market release pleased investors with its positive data. Nonfarm payrolls increased by 257 thousand that exceeded the traders’ expectations by 23 thousand. It will also possible the average hourly wage increase by 0.5% which will spur private consumption and will have a positive impact on the US economic growth. Against this positive background, traders once again started to increase long positions within the US dollar and we have seen the dollar rapid quotations growth. Then there was a consolidation in the majors pairs.

The present-day political news could support the US dollar - the Fed representatives Plosser and Lockhart gave "hawkish" tone speeches which can be judged according to the words about the unemployment increase that will not cause anxiety and the US CB is approaching the moment when it will be difficult to justify keeping interest rates at the same level.

The Bank of Japan continues to show confidence in the inflation targets achievement in 2015. The Central Bank will not intend to use the additional easing measures if there is the inflation decrease because of the falling oil prices. According to the Bank of Japan representative Iwate, the trending prices level shows a steady growth which will lead the inflation to the target level of 2% in 2015 fiscal year. At the same time, he believes that the oil prices decline complicates the Central Bank efforts in relation to the increasing inflation level and will delay this target implementation.