09, January 2015

Fundamental analysis

EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

The US dollar suspended to strengthen against its major. During the day the EUR/USD remained under pressure amid the negative euro area inflation release. According to the preliminary data the December CPI was in the negative area at the year-on- year level of 0.2%. The market received the first alarm about the deflationary threat growth. The pair euro/dollar reached the mark of 1.1801, but after the Fed's minutes publication traders cut short positions that caused a technical rebound. It should be noted that the FOMC representatives expectations, regarding inflation and employment remain the same - the first indicator will decline in the short term, while the second one shows a steady growth. It was also noted that the monetary regulator expects a higher dollar rate in 2015. The pair slightly corrected at the end of the day.

Yesterday the Brent oil fell to the 50th figure that encouraged bears to open short positions within the pair GBP/USD. The UK 10-year bond yields fell to the 2-year low, indicating the UK inflation expectations strong decline. The pair showed a slight correction at the yesterday trades.

After two days of sales bulls rushed to the market, opening "longs" at the attractive levels. The ADP positive employment release encouraged traders to open long positions - according to the agency the number of employees increased by 241 thousand in the private sector in December that exceeded the traders’ expectations and gives hope to the Non-Farm data output within the forecasted medians.