08, April 2016

Fundamental analysis

 EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

The market received a weak Industrial Production report. The index lost 0.5%, the forecast was 1.8%. The published Fed minutes confirmed Yellen’s words regarding the external risks and slowing down with the rate hike. The market lowered its expectations to 46.5% that the Fed would hike the rate in September. At the same time the market gives 50% that the rate hike will happen in November and 52.5% that in December.

The ECB minutes publication and Mario Draghi’s performance became the main events of Thursday. Initial Jobless Claims showed 267K with the forecast of 270K. Consumer Credit Change showed $17,22B with the forecast of 14.74B

The UK published House Prices report for March. The housing prices rose by 10.1%. Economists expected that the growth rate slightly would weaken to 9.5%. The housing prices rose by 2.6% in monthly terms. Analysts expected the prices to grow only by 0.7%.