06, May 2015

Fundamental analysis

 EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

The market showed the calm trade amid the lack of important macroeconomic statistics as well as the UK and Japan public holidays. Traders do not hurry to open positions because all the important events of the week are ahead.

The dollar correction stopped. The Eurozone and the US first manufacturing sector business climate reports pointed out to the differential shift in favor of the euro area in March and April. Secondly, the Germany and the US 10-year bond yields are declining which is a positive factor for the euro.

Yesterday the world leading stock markets opened the trading week with the quotations growth that would contribute to the building up the carry trade position within the Japanese yen as a funding currency.

The US Commerce Department published the report that showed the number of industrial production orders sharp increase by 2.1% in March after the revised decrease by 0.1% in February.