03, September 2014

Fundamental analysis

EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

The pairs spent week beginning within the small ranges amid the United States banking output the EUR/USD was held in the horizontal flat market 1.3118 -1.3145 amid the empty macroeconomic calendar day. Traders are ready to test the 312 figure, but don’t hurry to take positions before the ECB meeting, scheduled for Thursday, September 4th.

The UK manufacturing sector PMI release disappointed the investors. The August resulting value was 52.5 while the index is below the 12-month average for two months in a row which is a negative signal for the production sector. We observed the GBP/USD price growth before the report publication, but then the investors were selling the British currency.

The bulls keep the USD/JPY situation under control. Now almost nothing threatens the upward trend and against this background we observe the price increase even on an empty macroeconomic calendar. As the importers do not prevent such a scenario - then their risks are hedged and they are also ready for the upward trend.