03, September 2013

EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

Syria influences the market while traders wait for the report on employment.
Against concern of Syria, the markets will be focused all week before the Friday report of workplaces. These data can create the decision to the Federal Reserve System on the program of purchase of bonds and determine the way by interest rates and rates for mortgage loans this autumn.

The shares begin September with a bad baton of August which was presented by the weakest monthly productivity of Dow and S & P 500 since May, 2012.

September is historically the worst month in a year for the stock market, and this year, in particular, is challenged a number of important actions by which the markets will be guided. Except the expected answer of the American military on use in Syria of the chemical weapon and the report of workplaces, the markets are concentrated on FRS meeting on September 18; uncertainty concerning the following chairman of FRS, and debate on the debt ceiling in the Congress.

In August Dow decreased by 4.5 percent a month to 14 810, S & P 500 – for 3.1 percent, to 1632, and Nasdaq decreased by one percent to 3589. On S & P 500 in September the trade range 1550 – 1700 is probable. Situation in Syria, the lack of clarity concerning FRS plans on narrowing of the program of purchase of bonds on $85 billion, and uncertainty concerning the question who will replace the head of FRS Ben Bernanke in January - the former Minister of Finance Larry Summers or the vice-chairman of FRS Janet Yellen are some of the questions, influencing the financial markets.