01, October 2015

Fundamental analysis

EUR/USD (a 4-hour chart)

The pair EUR/USD has strengthened amid the carry trade transactions closure, which contributed to euro demand as a funding currency. The euro area data came out worse than expected. The Germany import prices fell by 1.5% in August against 0.7% in previous month. The Spain CPI decreased by 0.9% this month, with forecast decrease of 0.6%. All day the trades focused on the sale. This contributed to the fact that the price of the European currency has gone down.

By the end of the day the pair GBP/USD had decreased amid the UK government bond yields decrease in relation to the US and Germany counterparts. The number of permits issued for mortgage lending increased by 2 thousand in August reaching 71.03 thousand, despite the fact that the July indicator was 69.01 thousand. The new loans net amount, issued to individuals, amounted to 4.3 billion pounds against the upwardly revised 4.0 billion in July. The September CBI retail sales balance jumped from 24 to 49 (it was forecasted 29). However, the pound was under pressure the whole day and finished it with a decrease.

The world leading stock markets sales supported the demand for the Japanese yen, which caused the pair USD/JPY quotations decrease. The Japanese indicators are quite disappointing: the August industrial production fell by 0.5% against the growth expectations by 1.0%. Now the annual decline is 0.9%. The August retail sales growth was only 0.8% at an annual rate against the expected 1.1% y/y and it amounted 1.6% y/y in July. Against this background, the pair closed the trading with a decrease, despite the fact that in the first half of the day, the price a little bit grown up.

The US issued the employment outside agricultural sector release from ADP. The data came higher than expected 194 thousand. The number of new employees amounted to 200 thousand.