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Among the top 10, Stellar is still the most volatile


On Friday, the market of crypto currencies maintained a positive trend and during a day its capitalization increased from $ 134.5 billion to $ 135.7 billion. At the same time, the market is still globally experiencing a significant shortage of information that could have a more significant impact on the dynamics of trading. The main movements in the market are still related to news concerning individual tokens.

The greatest interest of the market is now attracted to the Chain token, which in a few days was able to demonstrate growth of more than 380% and in a very short time could break into the 30 largest tokens by capitalization, now the coin is in 21st place. Only from the beginning of today, the token was able to grow by more than 49%. The main drivers for the growth of the coin are reports of its appearance on several large trading floors. The beginning of the rapid growth of the token was started with messages about its listing on the Bittrex exchange. On March 12, it became known that the Chain trading was launched on the major Indonesian stock exchange Indodax.

The project was launched back in 2016, but the active development of the project began only this year. This is a project that allows you to make instant cryptocurrency transactions, and also aims to work with payments in Fiat.

Among the top 10, Stellar is still the most volatile. Over the past seven days of trading, the token has strengthened by 23.0%, but today it loses in price about 3.4%. At the same time, news that can support the coin is still coming to the market. Today it became known that the coin was added to the Coinbase Pro trading platform, access to which has a limited number of traders. It is expected that the token will soon be added to the main platform of Coinbase.

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