Fundamental analytics


In recent days oil market is being traded mixed and keeps mostly sideways tone of movement. There are no explicit drivers on the market to form the trend.  

The UK and the EU have virtually agreed on all but one of the clauses of the future Brexit agreement.


Oil market closes trading session in the red for the second consecutive day. 


On the day of new trading week oil market has closed session in the red. 

Against the backdrop of difficult negotiations on how the divorce of the once-lasting marriage between the EU and the UK will take place, there may be a misleading impression that Europe is a victim in this situation, and Boris Johnson arrogantly and inexorably leads Britain away from the “decaying and old” Europe in a kind of "bright future."


Oil opens new trading week with moderate decline as investors reconsider their expectations regarding the prospects of striking a trade deal between USA and China.


Gold opens trading on Monday in the green zone against the backdrop of a decline in investor optimism about the prospects for an early conclusion of a trade agreement between the US and China.

On Monday, active negotiations between the EU and the UK continu

Geopolitical news determined the dynamics of the market movement last week  

This week we are following the statistics from China and retail sales data in the U.S.