Fundamental analytics

Well, equity markets are stabilizing today. 


After a strong Wednesday sale-off, when Bitcoin quotes dropped to $ 6,000, the capitalization of the crypto market fell to $ 200 billion. 

Yesterday, global equity markets continued to trade under heavy pressure.

Today, the focus of the market is upon main story of two last days the massive sales in the US equity markets. 


Yesterday, the capitalization of the crypto market fell by $ 16 billion in one trading session. 

Yesterday negative market sentiment, which accumulated over several days, finally broke out and led to a large-scale decline in American stock markets.

The expected changes in the foreign exchange market were seen on the chart back on Friday and Monday, but they began to materialize on Tuesday. 


For the past two weeks, bitcoin has been trading in a tight sideway range, as the market activity of the first cryptocurrency has fallen to multi-month lows. 

Yesterday on Tuesday in the US trading session, the global markets sentiment has changed somewhat. 

After a long weekend, the first trading day for US equity markets is somewhat volatile.