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    1.06.2017 07:15US Dollar May Keep Falling on Cooling Fed Rate Hike Bets 
    1.06.2017 05:05Gold Prices May Extend Gains on Soft ADP, ISM Data 
    31.05.2017 17:30Yuan Soared to 7-Month High - What’s Next? 
    31.05.2017 15:30Cable Reversal Targets Monthly Open Ahead of NFPs, UK Elections 
    31.05.2017 14:15Brexit Briefing: UK Polls Give GBP Traders a Boost  
    31.05.2017 13:30EUR/USD to Resistance, GBP/USD to Support: Drivers on the Horizon 
    31.05.2017 10:05Crude Oil Prices Retreat as Markets Await US Inventory Data 
    31.05.2017 07:38Euro May Shrug Off CPI Data, US Dollar at Risk on Fed Beige Book 
    30.05.2017 19:00Euro, Yuan at Resistance ahead of EU-China Summit 
    30.05.2017 07:25Gold Prices May Extend Gains on Soft US Economic Data 
    30.05.2017 04:44Euro and US Dollar Look Vulnerable as Inflation Slows 
    29.05.2017 11:30What Has Driven Bitcoin to Its Record-Breaking Rally? 
    29.05.2017 10:01Euro May Fall as Draghi Argues for Firmly Dovish ECB 
    27.05.2017 03:47Weekly Trading Forecast: Potent Event Risk Portends Volatility 
    27.05.2017 02:29US Dollar Faces Trial By Fire as Top Tier Data Hits the Wires 
    27.05.2017 02:16Australian Dollar May Wobble If Housing, China Data Disappoint 
    27.05.2017 01:35Yuan Eyes Chinese PMI after PBOC Revises Reference Rate Mechanism 
    27.05.2017 01:23Will European Inflation Keep the Taper Trade Running? 
    27.05.2017 01:07British Pound: It All Depends on the Election Opinion Polls 
    27.05.2017 00:54Oil: Might be Tough to Revisit the Recent Highs 
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