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Changes to the Trading Schedule on Thanksgiving Day (USA)

Dear customers!
We kindly remind you that trading on  American  Exchanges on Thursday 27 of November will be halted  Friday, November 28 Friday early closing of trade is scheduled due to the celebration of Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Please consider the following information:
  • Thursday November 27 trading is closed on futures exchanges USA (CME, ICE and others), as well as for contracts ETF and CFD for US stocks.
  • Friday 28 November early close of the trade (20:00 terminal time) futures contracts of US exchanges, as well as for contracts ETF and CFD for US stocks.

Please note that during this period of time there might be  reduction of the liquidity on the FOREX market and spot metals trading.
This schedules is for informational purposes only and may be changed without notice.

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