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RateBattle Contest: 30 USD for EUR/USD forecast!


rate battle

Do you follow the currency pairs quotes? Earn on this with FortFS!

FortFS is giving away 30 USD weekly for the most accurate EUR/USD (FLEX account) forecast. The participant, whose forecast is the closest to the real price, becomes the winner and receives 30 USD in his trading account!

5 simple steps to take part in the contest:

  1. Make sure you have an active account with FortFS
  2. Become a member of FortFS Telegram chat:
  3. Allow your @username in Telegram to be visible
  4. Send your forecast for the EUR/USD pair price at the end of the Friday’s trading session in the official FortFS chat and include the #RateBattle hashtag (e.g.: 1.1255 #RateBattle)
  5. Wait for the contest results to be announced on Monday

The contest is held weekly, from 00:00 on Thursday to 15:00 on Friday on trading server time (EET, UTC + 2 in winter, UTC + 3 in summer).
Forecasts posted before or after the specified time will not take part in the contest.

Leave your forecasts and start earning right now!

Join the chat

  1. The contest is held weekly from Thursday to Friday in the official FortFS chat in Telegram
  2. The results of the contest are published on Monday
  3. The contest is held under the condition that the number of participants in each particular contest is 5 or more
  4. The forecasts are accepted in the FortFS official chat Telegram, from 00:00 on Thursday to 15:00 on Friday on trading server time (EET, UTC + 2 in winter, UTC + 3 in summer)
  5. The forecast should be made in the form of a message with the expected Friday’s trading session closing price. The message should also include the #RateBattle hashtag with the number (for example, #RateBattle1) - the number indicates the number of this particular RateBattle contest. In the example’s case, the number 1 indicates that this is the first time the contest is held
  6. Each participant can give no more than one forecast per day
  7. Editing the forecast message is prohibited
  8. The forecasts of the participants can not be identical. In case of identical forecasts, the forecast made earlier will be preferred
  9. The participant with the most accurate forecast on the EUR/USD currency pair (FLEX account) price at the closing of Friday’s trading session wins the contest
  10. The trading instrument EURUSDf (FLEX account) in the FortFS terminal is used for the closing price determination
  11. Weekly prize fund is 30 USD
  12. The prize funds and profit are available for withdrawal after completing the trading volume of 3 standard lots
  13. The prize is credited to a real trading account opened with FortFS
  14. The winner must be a verified FortFS client
  15. The winner must be a member of an official FortFS Telegram chat
  16. The winner will be determined on the following Monday and will be announced in the official FortFS Telegram chat
  17. In order to receive the prize, the winner must send a personal message to the FortFS chat administrator in Telegram indicating his/her real account number
  18. The prize will be credited within 24 hours after our administrator receives a personal message from the winner
  19. The contest starts on June 13, 2019. The end of the event will be announced separately