28, February 2013

Results of the Survey

​Dear Traders!

​We are happy to announce that we have summed up the survey, conducted in the period from 28.01.2013 to 07.02.2013.

26751 clients of TradeFort from more than 30 countries worldwide took part in this survey. 

We express our sincere gratitude to all those who took part in the survey, and thus help us understand how to make our service even better!

Please find the results below:

Name three factors that play a key role in your choice of a Forex broker?

For this question, we have received many interesting answers!

Analyzed and grouped the most common answers, we have identified the following needs of our customers:

  1. To expand the list of contracts to trade, the introduction of commodity and financial futures contracts. 
    We have already begun to prepare the launching of futures contracts trading and plan to start the official trade over the next few days. Follow the Company’s news and announcements!

  2. To provide better analytics and recommendations on trade, including technical and fundamental analysis of the market. 
    This desire is taken into account and now you can read the updated analysis in the appropriate section of our site! 

  3. To run contests for traders. 
    We have already begun working on the traders contests. Follow the Company’s news and announcements! 

  4. To run "accounts for beginners". 
    We have already begun working to launch this type of account.Follow the Company’s news and announcements!

We wish you prosperity and good luck in your trading!

TradeFort Team