28, March 2013

Accounts for beginners, summer time in Europe, holiday in the U.S.

Accordint to results we got from clients survey, we have launched a new type of account "FLEX Newbie." Now learning FOREX trading becomes safer! If your transaction is closed with a loss, in a few seconds you will be credited a compensation equal to 10% of the recorded loss. All customer transactions made on FLEX Newbie hedged by a TradeFort through aggregated net position placed on Market. That is why, this compensation is possible. You can learn more about all terms for Flex Newbie here: http://www.tradefort.ws/clients/conditions/newbie/

Dear traders, we remind you that this Sunday, March 31 Europe will switch to the summer time. Due to this fact the server time and trading time for contracts that are being traded on U.S. A. exchanges (USA Shares, CFD on ETF, CFD on U.S.A. futures) will also be changed. Updated time for trading sessions will be available in the contract specifications. Trading of the FOREX market is changing in accordance with the European time, and it remains from 00:00 Monday to Friday 23:00 Terminal time.

Please note that the March 29, 2013 in the U.S. is public holiday, Good Friday. Due to this, American contracts (USA Shares, CFD on ETF, CFD on U.S. futures) will not be traded. FOREX market may have reduced liquidity.