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List of the cryptocurrencies for trading is extended now!

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Dear Clients, 

We are glad to announce that FortFS added new cryptocurrencies for trading! 

Starting from 21 of August 2018 FortFS increased the number of cryptocurrencies available for trading on FORT and FLEX accounts types. Newly added cryptocurrencies will be available for trading in MT4 and MT5.

Following cryptocurrencies are added:

  • NXTUSD - Nxt vs US Dollar
  • STRUSD - Stellar vs US Dollar
  • XMRUSD - Monero vs US Dollar
  • ETCUSD - Ethereum Classic vs US Dollar
  • REPUSD - Augur vs US Dollar
  • ZECUSD - Zcash vs US Dollar
  • EOSUSD - EOS vs US Dollar

Widening of cryptocurrencies available for trading was made possible with the help newly launched project of FFS holding - Fort Financial Crypto (FortFC). FortFC provides deep liquidity of the highest quality for the operations with crypto-currencies at the best market prices available at the moment.

General information concerning cryptocurrencies can be found here.

For those who just starting to break new ground in forex trading we kindly advise to get acquainted with the following article «Best currency pairs for Newbies».

More information concerning account types can be checked here.

We truly hope that updated list of the cryptocurrencies will cause the appearance of new trading strategies and ideas among our clients as well as the motivation to start trading.

We wish you good luck in trading!
FortFS – Citadel of Trading!