13, February 2013

Change of trade conditions Shares CFD

Dear customers! In the framework of optimization services, we provide a number of innovations and improvements. Last week we completed the change of liquidity providers for contracts FOREX and CFD's. As a result, we have now faster high quality quotes stream, and more rapid order execution by connecting multiple liquidity providers in the bridge mode. Also, we are in a process of negotiations about expanding the list of contracts, in order to provide traders with a wider list of currency pairs, FOREX, CFD on shares, and to complete the connection of CFD futures with European and U.S. stock exchanges. This complicated work imposes on us certain limitations associated with additional agreements with contractors, banks and liquidity providers. Because of these innovations, we have to impose certain restrictions on the terms of trading CFD on shares, as follows:
  • Short positions (SELL) stay valid only during one trading day (one trading session), before the end of the trading session, 25:59:59, these positions will be closed at the last market prices. This is due to the requirement of the SEC stock trading (for more information: http://www.sec.gov/spotlight/keyregshoissues.htm). Long positions are allowed to keep as long as you wish.
  • Negative swaps are cancelled (charge for transferring open positions over the night) for long positions on CFD on shares.
These terms and conditions for trading with CFD on shares will take effect from 18.02.2013. Please note that information in your work.