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Forex and Futures in CQG terminals

Dear Clients!
Fort Financial Services Ltd now offers you an opportunity to work with professional CQG trading terminals. Due to this fact, staring from 21 July 2014 it is no longer possible to open CFD on Futures trading positions on PRO account types. Current open positions will remain until the particular contracts expire. For FORT, FLEX and FLEX Newbie accounts, trading conditions will stay unchanged.

CQG terminals – are:
  • An ideal instrument for an active trader and scalper;
  • A direct connection to the main European and American futures exchanges;
  • An access to the Forex market through one of the largest liquidity providers – HotSpot;
  • Futures contracts, options and full spread instruments which are available on CME, Nymex, Comex, ICE, Eurex and other exchanges. This opportunity fully replaces CFD on futures for PRO account types, where all trades are directly sent to liquidity providers;
  • Fast execution, Level 2 of the market depth, a wide range of order types;
  • An opportunity to work directly with the exchange liquidity where thousands of traders trade daily.
Thereby, new terminals open up a wide range of opportunities to earn high profits by trading on world financial markets. Fort Financial Services Ltd always remains your trading partner!
Best of luck in your trading!

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